Online Vote: Commencement with Deficiencies Policy Change Proposal

On Wednesday March 5, 2014, five SGSU Representatives left the Representative Assembly early to attend mass for Ash Wednesday.  There  no longer remained a quorum, but an action-item remained on the agenda.

The SGSU bylaws state: 

In case of emergency or if an immediate vote is needed, online voting may take place. With this process, all rules apply the same as if it were legislation at Representative Assembly (outlined by Article V, Sections 5 and 6).

1. This implies that Robert’s Rules of Order will be used for legislation debated online.

Due to the time-sensative nature of item “REPA 20140305 Commencement with Deficiencies Policy" it was discussed and voted upon online.  This item required an "immediate vote" because Provost Crawford informed SGSU President Chalmers that students are to be informed of their commencement candidacy before the next Representative Assembly which will take place on March 12, 2014. 

The entire discussion, vote, and approval is detailed in the email chain below. The conversation begins at the bottom and moves up. 

If you have any questions please contact Izzy Gardon, External Chief of Staff, at 

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